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REVIVAL رساله التجديد  (Eng/Urdu) My greetings and salaam to both the Sufi and Mullah for their endeavours in conveying the message of God...

The Revival رساله التجديد

Despite the monumental contributions of past great scholars, it remains perplexing that there has been a lack of significant efforts to rectify their errors by scholars of the past and even present due to blind following. Keep reading »

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.. Are the knowledgeable and the ignorant equal? In fact, none will take heed except the people of understanding.”(Qur’an;39:9)

“The heart of him who has understanding seeks knowledge, but the mouths of fools feed on folly.”(Bible, Proverbs 15:14)

Study is one of the great sources of happiness, if not the greatest, because it allows us the full expression of our rational nature. In appreciating philosophical or scientific truths and incorporating them in our own knowledge, we are reaching the peak of what it is to be human. Happiness is not pleasure, but a by-product of a meaningful life.[Aristotle]
Aftab Khan regularly writes on religion, philosophy, history, sociology, culture, power politics, national, international issues and other topics. His work is regularly published in Journal (DJ) since 2006. The collection of books and articles by Aftab Khan [SalaamOne Network] has been made available here. 
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REVIVAL رساله التجديد  (Eng/Urdu)
My greetings and salaam to both the Sufi and Mullah for their endeavours in conveying the message of God to us. Nevertheless, the way they have interpreted these Divine commands has left Allah, Angel Gabriel, and Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) himself bewildered. (Translation of following couplet of Allama Muhammad Iqbal) 

ز مَن بر صُوفی و مُلاّ سلامے:  کہ پیغامِ خُدا گُفتَند ما را 
ولے تاویلِ شاں در حیرت اَنداخت: خُدا و جبرئیلؑ و مصطفیؐ را

Despite the monumental contributions of past great scholars, it remains perplexing that there has been a lack of significant efforts to rectify their errors by scholars of the past and even the present due to blind following. These research endeavours have thus evolved into a concerted effort to identify the historical inaccuracies through the prism of the Quran (Al-Furqan) for rectification.
In addition to the dozens of articles published in DJ Magazine over the last twenty years, the vast expanse of the cyberspace network offers a wide field and abundant resources. The summary below aims to illuminate the path for those earnestly seeking the truth.
Here is a collection of books, articles and booklets by Brigadier Aftab Ahmad Khan (r) compiled from his work published in  “The Defence Journal” since 2006. He is a freelance writer, researcher, and blogger. He holds Masters in Political Science, Business Admin, Strategic Studies, spent over two decades in exploration of The Holy Quran, other Scriptures, teachings & followers.  Most of his work is available at https://SalaamOne.com/About accessed by over 4.5 Millions. 
His latest work is about "Islamic Revival  (تجديد الإسلام); To Revive the Perfected Islam of 1st Century Hijrah. His astonishing discoveries from the past 1200 years theological history forms the basis for "Islamic Revival , which will change the outlook of Islam for ever without touching the fundamentals and pillars.
Some important books of interest by other authors are also included in the list.  
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The Last Book or Books? ( Abstract )

The Study  of Great Deviation and Pious Deceit
Plea to Return to the Perfected Islam of Ist Century Hijrah
By Brigadier Aftab Ahmad Khan (r)


Books by Fazlur Rehman

Fazlur Rahman Malik (Urduفضل الرحمان ملک) (September 21, 1919 – July 26, 1988) generally known as Fazlur Rahman was a well-known scholar of Islam.
Rahman was born in the Hazara District of the North West Frontier Province (now Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) of British India (now Pakistan. . His father, Maulana Shihab al-Din, was a well-known scholar of the time who had studied at Deoband and had achieved the rank of alim, through his studies of Islamic law (fiqhhadithQur'anic tafsir, logic, philosophy and other subjects).
Rahman studied Arabic at Punjab University, and went on to Oxford University where he wrote a dissertation on Ibn Sina. Afterwards, he began a teaching career, first at Durham University where he taught Persian and Islamic philosophy, and then at McGill University where he taught Islamic studies until 1961.

Dual Islam دو اسلام : ڈاکٹر غلام جیلانی برق

I enveloped myself in the study of Islam, the history of Muslims and the world history and devoted 14 years of my life in the search for answers. During this time, I completed eight years of the well-known Dars-e- Nizami of the “Islamic” Madrasahs. My initial impression of Islam:
  1. Belief in the Articles of Faith: Allah, the Last Day, the Angels, the Book and the Prophets (2:177). Add to this the 6th “Imam-made” article of Taqdeer or pre-destiny.
  2. Belief in the Five “Pillars” of Islam: Kalemah, Prayers, Fasting, Charity, Pilgrimage.
  3. Recite the Kalemah after each call to prayers with much reverence.
  4. Saying Allahu Allahu Allahu aloud when possible.
  5. Daily recital of the Qur’an without understanding the meaning.
  6. Khatm (“Wrap up” the reading of the Qur'an individually, and in congregations.)
  7. Pledging allegiance to a saint.
  8. Visiting graves and praying to the dead.
  9. Prostrate at the Khanqahs (sanctuaries).
  10. Consider dirty clothes as the heritage of prophets. 
  11. Amulets and Vird Auraad (repeated invocations) to help solve all problems. 
  12. Considering the Prophet (S) as omnipresent and knower of the unseen. 
  13. Arranging feasts for the Mullah to ward off evil. 
  14. Listening to Qawwali (The Sufi poetry sung with music and clapping) as a way of achieving proximity with Allah. 
  15. Consider every non-Muslim as unclean, defiled. 
  16. Have Iman in Imam Abu Hanifa's Fiqh (jurisprudence). 
  17. Consider the Six Right Ones (6 compilations of Hadith) as Wahi (Revelation). 
  18. Ignore advancements made by the modern sciences. 
  19. Consider one who thinks and reflects a heretic.  
  20. Recite the Kalemah, and Paradise is yours. 
  21. All difficulties are overcome with du'a (praying) and not with proper action.
  22. Reciting words without understanding, engaging in useless rituals in order to attain Paradise filled with palaces and houris. .......

Lost Islamic History: Reclaiming Muslim Civilisation from the Past By Firas Alkhateeb

Islam has been one of the most powerful religious, social and political forces in history. Over the last 1400 years, from origins in Arab, a succession of Muslim polities and later empires expanded to control territories and peoples that ultimately stretched from southern France to East Africa and South East Asia. Yet many of the contributions of Muslim thinkers, scientists and theologians, not to mention rulers, statesmen and soldiers, have been occluded. This book rescues from oblivion and neglect some of these personalities and institutions while offering the reader a new narrative of this lost Islamic history.
The Umayyads, Abbasids, and Ottomans feature in the story, as do Muslim Spain, the savannah kingdoms of West Africa and the Mughal Empire, along with the later European colonization of Muslim lands and the development of modern nation-states in the Muslim world.

Quran, Riba (Usury), Fiat Currency and Islamic Baking قرآن اور ربا کاغذی کرنسی اوراسلامک بنکنگ

Presenting incomplete Qur’anic injunctions is woefully misleading, deliberately omitting information is tantamount to lying، a great sin. There is a famous saying that; a half truth is often a full lie. Allah says:

O People of the Book!  why do you confuse the truth with falsehood and conceal the truth while you know [it]? (3:71)

“So do you believe in part of the Scripture and disbelieve in part? Then what is the recompense for those who do that among you except disgrace in worldly life; and on the Day of Resurrection they will be sent back to the severest of punishment. And Allah is not unaware of what you do. (Qur’an 2:85).

Let’s take an example: Keep reading ... »

Al-Khiafah is Relevant الخلافة

Many people think that in modern era there is no room for a primitive concept like Al-Khilafah, while others think that it is the only solution to the problems faced by Muslims. These two are extreme positions. The nostalgia of Caliphate lingers on the collective memory of Muslims as a symbol of unity in the glorious past. The urge for revival of splendor and dignity has turned some to make efforts for revival of the Caliphate, as a quick fix to the complex problems of lost identify and grandeur. This has alarmed the oppressive corrupt Muslim regimes as well as the neocolonial powers. While the viability of establishment of system of Caliphate in some form is yet a distant proposition, which is possible through evolutionary process. However there is a need to look in to this concept in political, economic, geographical, historic and religious perspective. 
Following there are three e-book on Al-Khilafah . embedded below with links:

The Prince by Machiavelli میکاولی کی مشہور کتاب "دی پرنس"

The Prince is sometimes claimed to be one of the first works of modern philosophy, especially modern political philosophy, in which the "effectual" truth is taken to be more important than any abstract ideal.
میکاولی اپنے وقت کا جنیئس تھا مگر اُسے شیطان کا خطاب اس لئے دیا گیا کہ اس نے سیاست میں چھپے تمام شاطرانہ داو¿ پیچ بے نقاب کر دئیے ... مزید آخر پر .....
 It is also notable for being in direct conflict with the dominant Catholic and scholastic doctrines of the time, particularly those concerning politics and ethics.

The Prince is a 16th-century political treatise written by Italian diplomat and political theorist Niccolò Machiavelli as an instruction guide for new princes and royals. The general theme of The Prince is of accepting that the aims of princes – such as :

Top 400 Classic Books on Philosophy, Spirituality, Psychology, Politics, Economics Business, Success, Prosperity - Summaries

The bestselling 50 Classics series aims to expand your mind, leading you to discover people, ideas and books you may not have found otherwise. Each 50 Classics book consists of fifty insightful, engaging commentaries on the key writings in a subject, along with key quotes and biographies of the authors. By distilling the essence of major books for you, Tom saves you precious time and money. 

​The 50 Classics series began with 50 Self-Help Classics and has since covered the key books in Success,  Spirituality,  Psychology,  Prosperity,  Philosophy,  Politics, Economics  and now Business. Tom's books have been translated into 25 languages and sold over 400,000 copies.

Don't blame Muslims & Islam for Wars and Terrorism

US and West is targeting Muslims on the pretext of the war against terrorism. He is under influence of a common myth invented after 911, by the Christian fundamentalists, Neocons and Islamophobes. According to this myth Islam is to be blamed for militancy and terrorism for fuelling wars. This is corollary to the earlier myth persistently propagated mostly by atheists that: “The religion is to be totally blamed as the main cause of violence and wars throughout the history of mankind” with the change that, the word ‘religion’ has been replaced with ‘Islam’. This trend is highly dangerous, counterproductive, un-American and inhuman, many civilised people in West and elsewhere have also been influenced by this negative propaganda. The rhetoric and actions of President Trump and his administration are fueling the anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant bigotry that exists among Trump supporters. The controversial executive order (suspended by courts), which some are now referring to as a “Muslim ban,” stops immigration to the U.S. for all nationals of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan and Yemen for 90 to 120 days, with the acceptance of Syrian refugees indefinitely suspended. It also contains a provision giving preferential treatment to minority religions, that is non-Muslims, in these countries. Trump himself announced that priority would be given to Christian refugees. And this move, reinforces the administration’s apparent focus on Islam as a means to defeat terrorists. Trump is using religion as a tool to get political support from the vote bank he created through his hate campaign. BJP lead Indian government is also openly adhering to anti Muslim policies. Such an open anti Muslim attitudes by so called biggest democracies is against the basic norms of democracy. Keep reading here >>>>> http://freebookpark.blogspot.com/2014/02/religion-cause-wars.html

Top 10 Books About Muslims And Islam

Media stereotypes and misinformation about Muslims are nothing new. In a post-election world, Muslims are finding more allies who often want to help but don’t know much about us. More and more of our fellow Americans have questions and need answers.
In on online forum recently, someone asked me about books I would recommend to those wishing to learn about Muslims. I’m happy that people want to learn — even though I think meeting Muslims is far more valuable than reading about them — but searching the sea of available choices can be difficult and dangerous. For instance, search for “Muslim” or “Islam” on Amazon, and the array of books that pop up is worrying. Not because there are so many, but because many of them are horrifyingly inaccurate and often downright false.
Many books that promise “the truth” about Muslims are actually full of hatred and bigotry. You can learn about Sharia from authors who have no clue what it means, or about the tenets of Islam from authors whose bias can be seen from a mile away. You might think a website called “the religion of peace” would be somewhat positive, but it turns out to spew vile hatred against a billion people who actually practice Islam as a religion of peace and love.
But knowledge is power, so here’s my list of books you can and should read if you want to know more about Muslims and Islam. It’s the list I recommend to my students when I train law enforcement and educational institutions, or speak at churches and synagogues. It’s a list of my favorites thus far.(Sadiq Faruqi):

Islamic Culture and Modern World

Image result for islamic culture

“In the eyes of history, religious toleration is the highest evidence of culture in a people. It was not until the Western nations broke away from their religious law that they became more tolerant, and it was only when the Muslims fell away from their religious law that they declined in tolerance and other evidences of the highest culture. [Pickethall]

Introduction to Islam: by Dr.Hamidullah اردو کتب

Muhammad Hamidullah (Urduمحمد حمیداللہ‎), (9 February1908 – 17 December 2002) D. Phil.D. Litt.HI, was a MuhaddithFaqih, scholar of Islamic law and an academic author with over 250 books. A prolific writer, his extensive works on Islamic science, history and culture have been published in several languages and many thousands of articles in learned journals. His scholarship is regarded by many as unparalleled in the last century. A double doctorate (D.Phil and D.Litt) and a polymath, he was fluent in 22 languages including Urdu (his mother tongue), Persian, Arabic, French, English, German, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Russian etc. He learned Thai at the age of 84. More >>>>
ڈاکٹر محمد حمید اللہ (پیدائش: 9فروری 1908ء، انتقال : 17 دسمبر 2002ء) معروف محدث، فقیہ، محقق، قانون دان اور اسلامی دانشور تھے اور بین الاقوامی قوانین کے ماہر سمجھے جاتے تھے۔ تاریخ حدیث پر اعلٰی تحقیق، فرانسیسی میں ترجمہ قرآن اور مغرب کے قلب میں ترویج اسلام کا اہم فریضہ نبھانے پر آپ کو عالمگیر شہرت ملی۔ آپ جامعہ عثمانیہ سے ایم۔اے، ایل ایل۔بی کی ڈگریاں حاصل کرنے کے بعد اعلیٰ تعلیم و تحقیق کے لیے یورپ پہنچے۔ بون یونیورسٹی (جرمنی) سے ڈی فل اور سوربون یونیورسٹی (پیرس)سے ڈاکٹریٹ کی ڈگری حاصل کی ۔ -=------