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Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam

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Ahmed Deedat's Books on Christianity & Islam

Dear brethren and sisters,
As you may already know, how our beloved scholar Sheikh Ahmed Deedat refreshed the science of debating in the Islamic tradition. When you flip through the Islamic books, you will come across Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Ibn Taimiah, Imam Abul Baqaa', Alama Ramatullah Al-Hindi, and so many scholars describing their debates, explaining their arguments, and refuting the opposites'. When it comes to the 21st century we just have one in mind: Sheikh Ahmad Deedat. Here I present before you my collection of Sheikh Ahmad Deedat's debates and lectures in 3 different qualities(whenever possible) to spread the good word among us and to others, hoping that Allah (Subhanah Wa Ta'alla) guides us and them to the right path. Finally, please feel free to copy and distribute the material provided in this website and do not forget me in your prayers nor Sheikh Ahmad Deedat and every person made this videos accessible to the public.
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