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Treasury of Islamic Virtues

The Muslims are custodians of "Treasure of Virtues" available in the form of Quran and Hadith but lack in practice. Islam caters for the successful life here and hereafter. There are two types of obligations; Firstly owed to God ((Huqooq-Allah) and Secondly those to the fellow human beings (Huqooq-Ul-Ibaad). On the Day of Judgement, if one had short-comings in giving his due rights to his fellow human being (Huqooq-Ul-Ibaad),  and he did not seek repentance for his short-comings in delivering his ‘huqooq ul ibaad’ before his death;   God will take the good deeds of the person who wronged his brother,  and transfer them to the one who was wronged!   Thus God will do Justice and recompense the one who was wronged with the deeds of the oppressor.  Thus everyone is individually accountable for his own deeds. But if one who has wronged his fellow human being and usurped his rights unjustly from the ‘Huqooq-Ul-Ibaad’,  but subsequently sought sincere repentance in his lifetime from Allah, in His Magnanimity and Grace will accept the repentance of the person and may forgive him;  and will recompense, from Himself,  the one who was wronged.  So much is importance granted to the rights of fellow human being (Huqooq-Ul-Ibaad) which is so essential to build a society based upon justice, love, respect and peace. The Muslims at present concentrate on worship, prayers to God but ignore the rights of fellow human being and thing that they will go to paradise!  There is need to restore balance.

The sayings and deeds of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his Companions have been collected and presented by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan in a simple style in book “Islamic Treasury of Virtues”. This is a thoughtful selection which make up this model, gives an authentic picture of the Islamic way of life. In the light on the traditions of the Prophet and his Companions, a Muslim can pattern his life in such a way to feel confident of receiving God’s help and blessings during his/her life time and Hereafter. The book is exhaustive; selection with some variation for brevity are presented here  <<Keep reading>>>>>>


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