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Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam

The worst of creations with Good are those deaf, those dumb who do not use their intellect (Quran;2:18) . "And Allah gives another...

Metaphysics: Al-Ghaib

“He(alone) knows that which is beyond the reach of a created being’s perception, and to none does He disclose aught of the mysteries of His Own unfathomable knowledge, unless it be to an apostle whom He has been pleased to elect”(Qur’an;72:26-27)
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Metaphysics has vast meanings in Islam; it includes: Knowledge about Allah, His attributes, Angels, Holy Books, Allah’s Messengers and Divine Pre-ordainments (Al-Qadar).  It also includes what Allah and His last Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) informed about the knowledge of the matters of past, present, and the future e.g., news abut the creation of the heavens and earth, botanical and zoological life, the news abut the nations of the past, eschatology including paradise, hell, resurrection, the Day of Judgement, and events preceding and following to it. A Muslim must believe in all that is reported in the Qur’an and the prophetic traditions concerning the metaphysical matters (Al-Ghaib).   The e-Book Metaphysics: Al-Ghaib is about ‘Metaphysics & Eschatology’. The outline of subjects covered is as follows:-
  • Myth, Reality & Science
  • Angels : Angels in the Bible; Angels in Islam:Gabriel; Michael; Israfil; Izra`il: Munkar and Nakir; Cherub; Devil
  • Jinns: Iblis
  • Eschatology:
  • The Biblical Concept
  • Human -Inseparable Psychosomatic Unit
  • After Life in Christianity
  • After Life in Judaism
  • Events Preceding The End Of The World:
  • Biblical Concept: Jewish Concept of Antichrist; Christian Concept of Antichrist; Gog and Magog; Second Coming of Jesus; Armageddon
  • Islamic Concept : Signs & Indications; Death: Body & Soul; Trial of the Grave; Paradise and Hell; Straight Path
  • Intersession & Prayers:
  • The Intercession on The Day of Judgement; The Great Intercession of The Apostle (peace be upon him)
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